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Roshni Dinaker
Prithviraj Sukumaran, Parvathy

About the Movie

A debutant actor Jay and his co-star Tara, an established actress and a diva, fall in love on the sets of their film. However, Tara is set to marry David, a business tycoon and a bureaucrat who is also the producer of the movie. Twenty years later, Jay is a big movie star but is still in love with Tara and decides to travel to Lisbon to apologize to her for something he did in the past. In the end Jay finds that he has a daughter with Tara and that she has been also living a dual life with her husband pining over Jay.

Movie Timing

SEEF (I): 12.45 + 3.30 + 6.15 + 9.00 + 11.45 PM.
AL HAMRA: ON THURS 12th 12.00 + 3.00 + 6.00 + 9.00 + 12.00 MN.
AL HAMRA: FROM FRI 13th 3.00+ 9.00 + (12.00 MN. FRI.)

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